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IMG_0854Knowing lacrosse has an impact on so many kids and their families, many inspiring personal stories come to the surface.  This section is a place to share those personal stories regarding your experiences with the sport of lacrosse and read those same stories.

Feel free to send in in your short story that have not only impacted your own family, but maybe will inspire other families as well.  If so, they will be placed here so other parents and families can enjoy them.  If the story is absolutely incredible, you may find it featured on the front page of  We are looking forward in reading your personal stories about this great game of lacrosse.

A few guidelines: the short story should be no longer then 750 words.  Please develop a creative title for your short story to lure others to read it.  Please send your short story within the body of an email versus in an attachment.  You can send your short stories to

Short Stories