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The Art of Lax is a great resource if you are looking for custom drawings of your child is in action playing lacrosse or if you are just looking for generic drawings, this is the place to go.  Vincent does a great job that you can rely on.
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The Art of Lax™ is a NY based graphic studio pertaining to the development of both generic and custom lacrosse-themed art and design products.  For the player, coach, parent and lacrosse enthusiast in us!
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The drawings are the “meat and potatoes” of this business and the foundation of any product found in this website.

We have divided the drawings into sub-pages, which are listed to the left.  The first sub-page “Offense/Defense” (Portfolio) is a gallery listing of all images in the Offensive and Defensive categories.

Each image is titled and accompanied with either an “OFF” or “DEF”, so that viewers can purchase them in the following sub-pages titled, “Offense” (Store) and “Defense”(Store), respectively.

All original drawings are 8”x12” (otherwise stated in each selection), titled with the medium(s) and surface used.  8.5”x11” reproduction prints are printed on white, bristol vellum paper.  11″x14″ reproduction prints

are available in classic cream or plain white, colors.  Each reproduction print is individually sealed in a plastic closure bag with chipboard backing to prevent any damage.  Custom drawings can be done.

Please check the Custom Order page for more information, examples and FAQ’s.

(*LEGAL NOTE – all art, design, images and text are the intellectual property and ownership of The Art of Lax™ and Vincent Ricasio, the founder and owner.  Any reproduction without the artist’s permission is not permitted.  Any unauthorized use of intellectual property will lead to full legal action with the outside party involved)