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Something Called, “Braveheart”   arrow

“My eleven eight year old son wanted to try the sport of lacrosse for the first time.  In order to learn the game myself I agreed to help coach the team too.  The team played in a late season tournament where the boys climbed to the second round.  That game ended-up being a back-and-forth battle exchanging goals.  The two teams were evenly match and appropriately the game ended as a tie, so I thought. Not really knowing the rules or the format, I started packing-up equipment.  I see out of the corner of my eye all the kids huddled around the head coach, only to see number #42 (my son) run from the huddle onto the field.  I was very confused and all I heard was the word Braveheart.  Other then knowing of the movie, I had know idea what they were speaking of, but it got my attention.  Before I knew it there was a goalie from each team guarding their goals and my son lining-up against another player from the opposing team for a face off at mid field.  At this point, I had a pretty good idea of what was about to happen in some type of sudden death playoff, but I still wasn’t prepared of what was about to happen.  

The referee blew his whistle only for the opposing player to get a good jump on the ball.  After a short shoving match for the ball, the opposing player took possession.  As he ran towards the our goal five steps, my son knocked the ball loose from behind.  They both fought for the loose ball that seemed like forever.  These skirmishes would continue as it took the two warriors closer to our ready goalie.  Everybody in attendance were on their feet screaming with encouragement.  My son knocked the ball loose one last time about ten feet from his supporting goalie.  The ball trickled far enough away where my son had one shot to scoop the ball cleanly before his opponent would be on top of him once again.  He did exactly that and scoop the ball clean and looped around to head towards the other end of the field, only to realize that he along with his opponent were utterly exhausted and just wanted to collapse right there on the field.  My son had to take one hand off his stick with hopes to suck in more oxygen.  After the third step, he realized that his opponent was even more tired then he was from their earlier battle, he fought himself to run down the field to face his last opponent.  It was literally like slow motion with his teammates, coaches, and the crowd carrying him down the field with solely their encouragement.  I was in a state of shock, at this point.  My son ran directly towards the opposing goal and their rested goalie.  He never hesitated and faked low and shot high just past his helmet and in the back of the net.  THEY WON!  All his teammates rushed the field only to find an exhausted eight year old as he collapsed in their arms.  I’m in complete tears.  

I was just so thrilled he had that incredible experience that he will cherish the rest of his life and share with my future grandchildren.  You just can’t script it any better then that.  However, at the same time, I learned who my son really was that day.  I had no clue he had such determination and the attitude to never give-up until that very moment.  Forget the game winning goal, those characteristics will serve him well in his exciting future, which I was most proud of.  Thanks Lacrosse for giving us that moment that we as a family will never forget!”

David, North Carolina