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Preparation For Games   arrow

Where we live, the lacrosse season starts in snow and ends in oppressive heat and humidity. We start snuggling our fellow parents for warmth and end up spreading out in the stands hoping for a breeze; we finish fanning ourselves with the roster and sharing sunscreen.

So to start the season, we make sure the car is packed with the following:

• Blankets – Bring several in case we need layers. If they have the school name on them, even better
• Garbage bags – To put on wet stadium seats underneath your blankets
• Umbrellas – If you have it with you, you won’t need it. If you don’t have it, it will rain
• Boots – We’ve had to walk through some big puddles to get to games
• Stadium Seats – To make those hard seats softer and to help our aging backs
• Roster cards – So we can cheer for everyone by name
• Hand warmers – Good for your hands or to stuff in your shoes
• Water – Your throat gets dry when you are cheering loudly
• Passes – To get into your school’s games
• Cash – To get into the other school’s games
• Ibuprofen – For when you get a headache from the pressure or your player needs it
• Gum or Lozenges – For dry throats from cheering
• Hand Sanitizer – Because of port-a-pots, need I say more
• First Aid Kit – For handy bandages and Neosporin
• A lax stick repair kit – Things never break at a convenient time. Make sure you have a couple of screwdrivers with it too.

We’ve pulled air horns, whistles and other paraphernalia out of the car to help the team.

Also, don’t forget to bring what every helps the team win – noise makers, banners, good luck charms! One of my football mom friends eats a lollipop to start the second half of every game. Whatever it takes!

We need to take some of the same advice we gave our players and make sure that we manage our time well, eat healthy, and get enough sleep.

Information Provided By: Inside Lacrosse