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 Lacrosse Positions (Girl’s)

Two teams of twelve players are on the field at one time. There are no set boundaries or perimeter lines on the playing field, therefore, no offside violations can occur. Players thus cover the entire length of the field. Positions are determined according to where players can best contribute on the field. In most leagues, unlimited substitutions are allowed during the course of a game.

Girls Lacrosse Position on Field

Attack Players (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Home) – As the front line of the offensive attack, these players are usually the team’s primary goal scorers. They try to maintain offensive positions around the opposing team’s goal in order to gain scoring opportunities.

Midfielders (Two defense wings, two attack wings, and one center) – These five players contribute on both offense and defense while covering the entire length of the field. As the team’s main ballcarriers, they control the tempo of the game.

Defensive Players (Point, Cover Point, and 3rd Man) – These three players help defend against offensive attacks and work to “clear” the ball from out of their goal area up to the midfielders. They generally remain on their defensive side of the field surrounding their team’s own goal. On a draw, they line up vertically from their goal toward the center circle.

Goalkeeper – Plays inside the “crease” directly in front of her own goal to block incoming shots. She uses a stick with an oversized head to best prevent shots from scoring. The goalie is the only player allowed to touch the ball with her hands, but may do so only when she is standing inside the crease. Upon gaining control of the ball with her stick, the goalie has ten seconds either to pass the ball away or to run it out of her crease. If the goalie leaves the crease while in possession of the ball, she may not reenter the crease unless the ball goes back inside first or she passes the ball away.


Information Provided by: Beginners Guide to Girls Lacrosse