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Tommy Johnson

LaxArtist4From grade school to high school, art became very serious and time consuming. If I wasn’t on the lacrosse field, I was painting in the studio. If I was on the lacrosse field, my stick was my weapon, off the field and in the studio, my pencils, brushes and paint knives were my weapons. The canvas being my opponent. Always challenging me to come up with something more creative, always something different. A way to grab the attention of the crowd. Even for just a second. TO WIN at all cost.



Laxartist3Dear Tommy, I love the painting you did of Yeardley and her team, It is incredible how you captured her likeness but also her spirit. They have a very special place in my home and my heart and not a day goes by that I don’t pause and look at them. I can never thank you enough I look at your paintings every day as they are the focal point of my kitchen/family room where we spend most of our time. The paintings are not only a wonderful reminder of my precious daughter Yeardley, but also of your kindness and generosity.