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IMG_1019We are pleased you found us…  This website will be a valuable resource for you as your child continues to grow in this exploding sport of Lacrosse.  Or, maybe, you are taking on being a coach of a team.  This will help you too.

Let’s face it, most of us did not grow-up playing this sport of lacrosse and we focused more on the traditional sports such as football, basketball, and baseball.  Times have changed…

Our #1 Goal is to provide you with just the information you need to know about lacrosse, knowing there is a lot of information out there to sort through.  At the same time, provide that same information in a very clear and precise manner, knowing you are very busy with every other aspect of your life. We have you covered on the Lacrosse side.

There are two main directions to go within this website, Boys or Girls lacrosse.  The two sports share the same name, however, they are played very different.

IMG_1049If you are a seasoned youth coach or a father who has just taken on your first team, this will be a great resource for you also.  The side bar menu is designated just for you and where you will find everything you need that will compliment what your particular club has already provided for you.

Please make sure you join us on our FaceBook Page to join our Community with your fellow Lacrosse Parents.

We hope you enjoy this resources built just for you!