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Mobile Coach (US Lacrosse)

Mobile Coach AppCoaches of all levels will benefit from USL Mobile Coach, but it may be most assuring to part-time youth or high school coaches who balance the demands of full-time employment and parenthood. The software contains drill diagrams and explanations as well as video demonstrations and actual game footage that illustrate various concepts.

Please visit to begin creating your Mobile Coach account.


Lacrosse Coach Pro

By Graphate LLC

Lacrosse Pro AppDescription:

Lacrosse Coach Pro is a play editor, practice designer, and team management app. You can design and save plays and drills, store your rosters, and present your work on external displays, projectors, or full screen on your device. Men and Women’s fields are supported.

New Feature:
- Text boxes can be placed directly on the field

General Features:
- Save “Plays” and “Drills”
- Write and save general notes or notes specific to your plays
- Save “Formations” as templates to make plays faster and more efficiently
- Manage your team with the Roster Editor
- Present plays on an external display, projector or in full screen on your device
- Share plays and rosters as files with iTunes File Share or email them
- Export plays as photos

Play Editor Features:
- MLL field as an option
- Men’s or Women’s field
- Full or Half field
- Add orange cones
- Add lacrosse balls
- Add and move player objects
- Change color of player objects
- Add text to player objects

Drawing Features:
- Automatic arrow option
- Change marker color
- Change marker size
- Undo
- Eraser
- Clear screen

Go to Lacrosse Coach Pro 

Lax Lessons App

The LaxLessons app was designed to take advantage of today’s latest technologies and showcases many cutting edge features, including filtering plays by position/difficulty/formation, taking plays offline, so users don’t have to be connected to the Internet, as well as sharing plays instantly on Facebook and Twitter and even designating plays as “Favorites” to be put in its own collection.

LaxLessons App Features:LLIPADIMAGE2

  • The LaxLessons app is a free download in the iTunes store with several free plays and drills available.
  • 3D PDFs of plays and drills can be printed wirelessly to take with on the road or form a  hard playbook in conjunction with an e-playbook.
  • Playbook and Drill book collections as well as single plays and drills are available as in-app purchases.
  • “Favorite” top LaxLessons plays and drills with the touch of a button and have them stored in a own “Favorites” collection
  • Search and filter plays and drills by difficulty, formation and position.
  • Plays can be taken offline and saved to a user’s device in order to view the play without being connected to Internet or having poor service.
  • Ability to instantly share favorite plays with the rest of the social lacrosse world on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Additional plays and drills and collections will be added throughout the year.

LaxLessons is all about revolutionizing the playbook. Its mission is to make drills and plays as realistic as possible in hopes that both new and experienced players and coaches can learn an effective new play at the press of a button.

Lacrosse Scoreboard App


Lacrosse Scoreboard AppLacrosse Scoreboard App2Publish scores for amateur or professional Lacrosse games to SMS (Text Message), Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Just touch change and post the latest Lacrosse score. It’s that simple.



Download for free the Lacrosse Scoreboard app here.


Lacrosse Glossary

Cost: .99

iPlayBook Lacrosse

iPlaybook Lacrosse AppDescription:

iPlayBook is a coaching whiteboard, in the palm of your hand. Create your own digital playbook quickly and easily.

* Draw cuts, shots, screens, and passes with your finger.
* Touch and drag players to move them around the screen.
* Supports both full field and half field modes.
* Show or hide either team as needed.
* Easily erase any portion of your play drawing.
* Supports both guys and girls lax fields.
* Save plays to the photo library, email plays directly from iPlayBook, or post plays directly to your Facebook account.

Choose from a list of formations including:
-L Clear
-Face Off
-Defensive Formation Basic
-Defensive Formation Long Stick
-Offensive Formation 1-4-1
-Offensive Formation 2-3-1
-Offensive Formation 2-2-2
-Girls 12 Player Formation
-Girls 7 Player Formation

Cost:  $1.99