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Although we don’t get involved with lacrosse equipment and reviews, here are some great sources that all they do is independently review lacrosse equipment.  They will certainly help you with your next purchase or to answer any questions you may have about lacrosse equipment. We independently review the best lacrosse gear so you’re in the know. No cheesy sales slogans, just the facts.


Best of Best of Lax is a website whose main purpose is to feature the best lacrosse gear available.  Every single piece of equipment on our website has been reviewed and tested by the Best of Lax Team.  If a piece of equipment is on our website, it is one of the most high quality of its kind.  Keep in mind that just because equipment is high quality, it is not necessarily the best for you.  Here at Best of Lax, we do all of this so you know that if you are buying equipment that is on our website, it is dependable and trustworthy. Amazon on known for their customers product reviews.  This is a great place to see what others a saying about the lacrosse equipment you have your eye on. This is a website with reviews by customers of all lacrosse protective equipment.


Lacrosse Playground They talk about what teams, at all levels, where what kind of equipment and how they are customized.  A great source to see who is wearing what and where.