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College Scholarships & Recruiting   arrow

This section will give you the insight of both the realties of possible college scholarships, tools for recruiting, and individual journeys of the process.  Dig in..

Interesting articles on the subject:

College Recruiting Resources:

US LacrosseUS Lacrosse- US Lacrosse is pleased to introduce you to our college recruiting handbook, “So…You want to play lacrosse in college?” boys’ and girls’ editions.

LaxPowerLAX  LaxPower has been covering college lacrosse recruiting for over 10 years, and each year pundits, parents, and players bemoan the fact that recruiting is becoming more intense and occurring earlier and earlier.

trilogylacrosse_logoTrilogy Lacrosse- Leads the way with lacrosse education with a nice library of videos on college recruiting from the sources who know including college coaches.


clax.wlogo.1.87Connect Lax – Is a great resource for the next step for recruiting for the next level of the college game. They are a driving force in getting exposure for the next player generation. They also talk more about the daunting process of what it takes.

TopLaxRecruits Recognizing ALL the college lacrosse recruits and high school and club teams, boys and girls, for the U.S. and Canada. Our mission at LaxPath is to provide a premier networking platform that cultivates the growth of lacrosse by aiding players through the recruiting process.


LacrosseRecruits streamlines the recruiting process for high school athletes. Everything a player needs to get the exposure he/she wants.



Homegrown LacrosseHomegrown Lacrosse-  They have a nice little guide of where you should be at each year during their high school career with recruiting.


nliHeader600National Letter of If your child is lucky enough and good enough to get a college lacrosse scholarship, here is information leading you to a Letter of Intent.