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Just like coaching any other sport, there are some basic equipment you will need to get started with your team as a coach.  Below is a list of equipment you will need along with a short description.

To make it easy (one click), we have assembled a Coaches Equipment Kit to purchase rather then going to search for all these items independently, if interested.  By doing so, the cost is reduced with it being in a kit.  If you are looking for individual pieces within this list, go to our list of Retailer Sources that will take you to some great Lacrosse Online Retailers, for your reference.

Coaches Equipment

Bucket Ball BagBUCKET BALL BAG- Single compartment bag for ball storage is a must as dozen of balls will be needed for both practice and games.  It will hold dozens of balls with a sturdy base to insure it stands upright and a heavy duty zipper.






3 BallsLACROSSE BALLS- They come in all different colors, but only one size for both the boys and girls games.  The different colors may be considered depending on the surface you are playing on.For example: if you are playing on a turf field that has painted lines/spaces for other sports, the same color ball could get lost in those areas.  lacrosse balls a made with a very hard and solid rubber that will take a lot of abuse.  At the same time, you never seem to have too many.


Coaching BoardCOACHING BOARD- Coaching boards are helpful to coach your players like most other sports.  The large format enables the entire team to see the play that is drawn.  Attached marker holder is very helpful along with a double sided functional surface.






Flat ConesFLAT CONES- They are essential for both practice fields and drills.  Because they are flat, they are easy to store and transport.  They can be used for any sport.







Practice jersey'sPRACTICE JERSEY’S or PENNIES- These are very useful during practice as you work having an offense and defense lines.  They are quick and loose in order for the kids to reverse on the fly as your line ups change.







Squeeze Water BottleSQUEEZABLE WATER BOTTLES- Never-mind the brand, it’s a personal preference on the style you purchase.  Certainly there are water bottles with straws and other options as well.  During a games, they are esential as they are quick and easy to get water.






Water Bottle CarrierWATER BOTTLE CARRIER- They are very helpful when you have a lot of water bottles to handle.  Just like the options in water bottles, carriers are too a personal preference, which there are plenty of options to satisfy your needs.






Whistle with LanyardWHISTLE WITH LANYARD(string)- Just like coaching in any sport, a basic whistle is very helpful signal to your team.






First AidGENERAL FIRST AID KIT-  It’s always a good idea to have a first aid kit to deal with the minor injuries that comes along being involved with a contact sport.






Duffle BagALL PURPOSE DUFFLE BAG- Never-mind the brand, it’s always a good idea to use a muti purpose duffle bag to hold all of your coaching equipment.






Other equipment you may consider in having in your bag is:

  • Athletic Sports Tape
  • Extra Mouth Pieces
  • Extra Eye Wear (Girls)
  • Extra Athletic Sports Cup (Boys) *when they don’t have a girdle, tape cup to their underwear (they won’t forget their cup again)
  • Screwdriver Boys) (Helmet Repair)
  • Sharpie Marker